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Corporate Collaboration / Truck Buyout – Full Day – $500-$2000


For street festivals and huge events with more than 1000 guests

Free shaved ice for all guests – we are repping your brand

Truck advertising your logo and serving all over Parker County

Funny + creative flavor names related to your brand


Get your brand message across in a cool way 😎

BoHo by the cup – $2.50/cup


For larger events and festivals with more than 200 guests

Output capacity of 200-500 cups/hour – we can staff up and pump em out!

Truck on-site serving for however long needed

Every party is different, so let us know what needs you have and we can accommodate them.


In case of storms, you are welcome to cancel or reschedule without any fee. We are a pretty chill bunch. Just fill out this form and we will help make your next party unforgettable.


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