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 kindest, coldest ice on purpose with a purpose.


BoHo SnoCo is a Parker County based business that serves crafted sno recipes as well as time-tested flavors for every age and palette. Our Menu is simple, and sure to please everyone, especially parents.

We do fresh, fun flavors such as the Ice Queen and Ice King (Almond & Cream Cheese flavored sno served with BoHo cream throughout. King is the queen + Blue Coconut)

We serve a Topo Chico infused refresher and chiller each week.  The refresher is infused with fruit and our special syrup, served over fluffy sno.  The Topo chiller is added to our BoHo cream for a refreshing, creamy treat.  We like to add a rim of Chamoy and Tajin for an extra kick.

We have 3 sizes: Regular, Large, and our XL Chillerest Cup!  

We 100% GUARANTEE you will like your sno, or we will be happy to make something else you like.

We cater and fundraise! Email us today at 


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